Planning your Trip

Before you get here

Can you help me find flights to New Zealand?

We try to keep up to date with the major airlines and any discounts or offers that might be advertised for flights to New Zealand, so feel free to email us for any information we can offer. Some useful airline links to shop around on are:

Can you help me find flights within New Zealand?

Many international flights will arrive in Auckland, and depending on your itinerary you may need one or more internal flights. Let us know your dates of arrival into New Zealand and we will happily shop around for prices for you. For internal fares have a look at:

  • Air New Zealand - www.airnz.co.nz
  • Jet Star - www.jetstar.co.nz

What visas or passports do I need to travel to New Zealand?

All visitors to New Zealand must carry a passport that is valid for at least three months beyond the date you intend to leave the country.
Visitors from most of the world including Europe and the United States who intend to stay for less than three months do not require a visa. If you want to stay longer than three months, or your country of origin does not have a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand, then you will need to apply for a Visitor's Visa. Click on the following link to see the New Zealand Immigration's official "Guide to Visiting New Zealand".


Do I need shots or vaccinations before coming to New Zealand?

The World Health Organization indicates that there are no specific vaccination requirements for any international travellers visiting New Zealand, however make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines before every trip. These vaccines include measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot.

Do I need travel insurance to travel with Adventure Junkies?

Travel insurance is essential for all Adventure Junkies Vacations. Insurance must indicate that you have cover for at least Medical Expenses and Emergency Repatriation. Please see the essential info section for more details. World Nomads provide excellent insurance for customers all round the world and can be found at: http://www.worldnomads.com

About New Zealand

What is the size and population of New Zealand?

New Zealand (Aotearoa) is a Southwestern Pacific Island nation that lies approximately 1500km southeast of Australia between latitudes 34 degrees south and 47 degrees south.  It is a long and narrow country that is comprised of two major islands; the North Island and the South Island.

The North Island is home to the capital city of Wellington and the largest city of Auckland which also serves as the main gateway into the country.  The North Island has a `spine’ of mountain ranges running through the middle with gentle rolling farmland on either side. The central North Island is dominated by the Volcanic Plateau, an active volcanic and thermal area. 

The mountainous South Island is the larger land mass and is divided along it length by the Southern Alps which are the `backbone’ of the island and caused by the meeting of the Australian and Pacific plates.
The South Island is spectacular in nature and home to Aoraki Mt Cook, New Zealand highest mountain (3,724m) plus numerous glaciers, deep fiords, and braided rivers which attract visitors to New Zealand from all over the world to experience it’s incredible year round adventure and nature.

New Zealand was settled by Maori people who voyaged great distances across the Pacific Ocean in small ocean-going canoes and became the first inhabitants of Aotearoa New Zealand, some 400 years prior to European exploration and settlement.  The rich Maori culture is a core part of New Zealand’s identity to this day.
The people of New Zealand, or Kiwi’s, are friendly and down to earth in nature and are made up of Maori, European, Pacific and Asian cultures and heritage.  

The land mass of New Zealand is comparable in size to the United Kingdom, Japan or the state of California in the USA and has a population of roughly 4.8 Million people.

{sliderWhat time is it in New Zealand?}
New Zealand is 12 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). We are one of the first countries in the world to see in the New Year.

What's the currency in New Zealand and where can I change money?

The currency in New Zealand is the New Zealand dollar. Please click here for any currency conversions you need to do. You can exchange money at the airport, at any bank or bureau de change for a small fee. Credit cards can be used in most places except for remote locations and generally have good exchange rates.  Travellers cheques are still accepted at major banks however their processing can be time-consuming.

Will my electrical appliances work?

Electricity is supplied throughout New Zealand at 230/240 volts (50 hertz), although most hotels and motels provide 110 volt AC sockets (rated at 20 watts) for electric razors only. For all other equipment, an adaptor / converter is necessary, you can purchase these at the airport, and most electric stores.

What is the minimum drinking age?

18 years at the time of writing. Proof of age is often required

About The Trips

What's the weather going to be like during the trip?

Being a long narrow country surrounded by the ocean, New Zealand's climate can be unpredictable at times. During October to April when we conduct our trips the maximum temperatures are generally 20-30 degree Celsius or 68-85 degree Fahrenheit. During the peak of summer (December to January), we have long days, sunrise can be as early as 5am and sunset at around 10pm. Because of the clear, unpolluted atmosphere and relatively low latitudes sunlight is stronger than much of Europe or North America, as a result people generally burn quicker than at home.

What do the prices include/exclude?

All trip inclusions are identified on each individual package page.

When indicated as included, breakfast will usually be continental in nature as standard, however you may also receive breakfast options at no extra cost. When included, lunch includes a variety of options including local cafes, bakeries, restaurants or ‘on the run’ picnic style take-away.

Accommodations are chosen for their comfort and locations and are largely modern studio apartments in nature. All advertised prices are per person and based on twin/double share. Single surcharges are applicable to solo travellers and range from $300 – $550+ depending on the duration of your trip, please contact us for surcharge confirmation. Whilst on tour, transfers and transport are included for all scheduled inclusions including airport transfers for all Queenstown based packages. Our multi-activity guided tours and snow packages include all equipment and tuition. Our Queenstown bike packages include a suitable dual suspension bike for heli-biking only. If you are not bringing your own bike, then MTB rentals for are always available and can be organised for you; advanced bookings are recommended. Your guide or host is always on-hand to organise additional activities regardless of your itinerary. We will be able to advise you of costs and timings and make all arrangements for you.

Are there any hidden charges not included in the trip cost?

The advertised price is the price you pay, we do not charge a “local payment” in New Zealand and there are no hidden charges. Trip deposits do not incur any credit card fees, however there is a 3% surcharge for all trip balances paid on credit card. Bank transfers however are available and do not attract any fees..

What gear do I need to bring?

For extended 10 day tours please click here for our recommended gear list. For our Adventure Junkies trips do be aware that NZ weather can be very changeable even outside of winter, especially in alpine areas. Sturdy footwear for biking and hiking plus a good rain jacket, fleece/wind breaker or natural fibre base layer are good packing considerations along with your summer gear. Don’t forget that your accommodation will always have facilities to recycle your clothes overnight to help you avoid over packing.

What happens if one or more of the activities I've paid for is cancelled because of the weather or other unforeseen circumstances?

If an activity is cancelled through no fault of your own (most commonly because of weather) we will attempt to make arrangements for another activity of equal value. If this is not  possible we will refund you the net value of the trip that was not available. Please click here to see terms and conditions for more details.

How many people will there be on each tour and what is the common age range?

Our minimum number is four and we guarantee no more than ten customers on any one trip. By keeping the numbers down we are able to offer exceptional customer service that characterizes an Adventure Junkies holiday. Our commitment to responsible and ecologically sound tourism is further reason why we have guaranteed to keep our group numbers small. The age of our clients varies from 20's through to 50's. We have found our typical customer is in their mid 20's to mid 30's and wants to fit as many adventure activites as possible into an amazing adventure experience.

What will the accommodation be like?

Quality ensuite studio/apartment style accommodation with modern furnishings will be provided with en-suites. Any exception to this will be where the accommodation has been chosen for it's historical value. Single travellers will be twinned with same sex travellers for the advertised price where possible unless paying the single surcharge. For an example of the sort of accommodation you can expect on one of our tours please visit: http://www.clearbrook.co.nz

What does the single surcharge give me?

The single surcharge will guarantee a solo traveller an individual room of the same quality of the doubles and twins that are offered to the rest of the tour.

Is the single surcharge compulsory for individual travellers?

The single surcharge is not compulsory, if requested we will try to twin you up with another member of the same sex on the tour, but if this is not possible the single surcharge does apply.

Do you make provisions for special dietary needs?

We can make provisions for any special dietary needs. Once you make a booking please provide details on the booking form of any special diet or other requirements you might have. This is your holiday and we will do all we can to cater to your needs. We are familiar with some common dietary requirements. Examples that we can work around include: vegan (no meat or animal products); vegetarian (no meat products); pescatarian (vegetarian, but eat fish); no red meat (eat chicken & fish); gluten intolerant (no wheat, bye, barley or oats); lactose intolerant (no dairy products). Please be aware that you will still need to notify us of such dietary requirements.

How can my friends and family contact me in case of an emergency?

Our team will be available to take any communications while you are on our trips, whether it's over the phone or by email. Our tour leader will at all times be available for contact from the base for any important messages that your friends or family might want to pass onto you.

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