5 things you need to know when coming to NZ!

Follow these tips to avoid 5 classic mistakes made by travellers coming to New Zealand, especially when getting through the rigorous checks by New Zealand customs!

Don't leave for NZ before reading........you have been fair warned!!

  1. Slip, Slop, Slap! - In New Zealand we are lucky to have very clear skies and little pollution......YES! Awesome indeed, however this does help contribute to New Zealand having some of the strongest levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation around. This means you are likely to start to burn within 15 minutes of being in the strong New Zealand sun. OH NO!

    Be sure to bring some high factor sun cream (SPF 30+) to use when you're here on tour with Adventure Junkies. We are of course out and about in the great outdoors heaps on tour so remember to slip on a shirt, slop on the 30+, slap on a hat and don't forget your sunnies!

  2. Don't get fruity! - Because New Zealand relies heavily on its worldwide trade in agricultural products, we have very strict bio security regulations and there are severe penalties for anyone who breaks the rules. Declare any food items to be on the safe side, and be sure to check your carry on for rogue apples and oranges....that piece of fruit will cost you $400!

  3. Soil....the four letter word - OK so we're all clear on declaring any food items, but just to underline how strict the NZ border is, you'll also need to declare your hiking/tramping boots when you come through too. That's right, to further protect our primary industries your boots will be checked on entry by border officials.

    As long as the soles are clean of soil and dirt (give them a good scrub before your pack) you'll sail straight on through and there will be no delay for you. If there is anything that the is deemed to be an issue then the officers for the Ministry of Primary Industries will clean the soles of your boots for you on entry. Although there is usually no cost for this, it is not an advertised service and fees may apply. So get your scrub on!

  4. Going bush - We are extremely fortunate in NZ to have a great outdoors that is truly magnificent and inspiring; an amazing country for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. With jaw dropping scenery, rich history and an abundance of native bird and plant species only found in our little corner of the world it's hard to think that anything could take the shine off right? Well be forewarned, all over this beautiful country in the NZ bush you'll find Namu, or Sandflies......... or more to the point, they'll find you! Sandflies are not dangerous and do not spread disease, however they are found in numbers and have a favourite past time of biting people. Their bites are extremely itchy and often leave large, red itchy bumps so prevention is key.

    A proven brand in our experience is Bushman's which is loaded with DEET (80%) and is a huge help in staying bite free. There are many natural chemical free products on the market such as Goodbye Sandfly which we have also heard great feedback about. Wearing light coloured clothing seems to be a good natural deterrent, and avoid sweet scents too!

  5. Pack Smart - New Zealand is a hugely diverse country with a very changeable climate year round.......yes that means during summer too! Be sure to pack plenty of layers (including a natural fibre base layer), a good rain jacket and something windproof as part of your essentials a long with some sturdy footwear suitable for hiking and mountain biking. Touring with Adventure Junkies means you really do get out there. You'll explore world heritage National Parks, remote glacial valleys, sea kayak in Fiordland, one of the most beautiful & wettest places in the world plus get high into the back country to elevations of up to 2000m.

    Be prepared for hot and cold touring temperatures, and remember that you'll be able to re-cycle your clothing throughout the trip at your accommodation.

    NZ is super laid back too, so you really can pack for function over fashion!

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